Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  What is the difference in the taste between the Paddlefish Caviar and the Hackleback Caviar?

A:  The hackleback egg is typically a firmer, tougher egg, that tends to have a little more"pop", and are usually black in color.  The Paddlefish eggs tend to be more delicate and will have an easier "pop".  They can vary in many colors from a black to gray to greenish pattern.  Hackleback caviar is from a "bonifide" sturgeon, not just in the sturgeon "family"  The hackleback boasts a rich, buttery, and "nutty" natural flavor and creamy texture.  The paddlefish eggs feature a more "earthy" flavor with a variety of overtones while not compromising the complexity of tastes. The paddlefish tends to retain more of the "saltiness" as compared to the hackleback, but only a slight hint of salt.


Q:How much should I purchase?

A:  GREAT QUESTION! We probably get this question more often than any other question. First Let's examine how you will be using it

  1. Will you be eating it straight from the jar or tin?
  2. Will it be a garnish for just a "taste" and ambiance?
  3. How many people will you be serving?

  1A.  If you are eating it straight from the jar, we recommend at least one ounce per person, and in some instances 2oz.

  2A.  For a garnish or a taste for a recipe or hors d'oeuvre topping, you should use a dollop(approx 1/2 tsp) per hor d'oeuvre.  You should be able to get 8-10 toppings per ounce of caviar.  The picture below represents less than 4oz of caviar and more than a tsp was used on each topping.