Paddlefish (16 ounce)

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Paddlefish (16oz) - Plastic Container

American Paddlefish Caviar (Polyodon Spathula), Fresh from the rivers in the heartland of the United States comes this rich flavorful caviar that boasts a shiny lite greyish to dark grey color. This Caviar comes from the roe of the “spoonbill” or “paddlefish”. This massive fish is more closely related to the Caspian Sevruga, and has a creamy, rich flavor that can only be found in this “wild-caught” fish.

The caviar has a pleasantly softer texture than that of the Hackleback sturgeon, but offers a great alternative from the traditional sturgeon. We hand select the top Grade A quality to bring to your door. This caviar is great for small gatherings or larger parties.

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